In-flight shower, a new part of Emirates' insanely elaborate first class amenities

Here’s something we’ll be looking at with nostalgia if fuel prices keep rising: In-flight showers. Emerates, probably the world’s best airline, announced “shower spas” that’ll give each of the 14 First-Class passengers a five-minute rinse in-flight. Replacing at least a couple of airplane bathrooms, this cramped stall has traffic lights that let you know when your five minutes is up.

All that luxury adds about 1000 pounds worth of water to the plane’s load, but hey, who’s counting when those chump passengers are paying $9374 for a plane ticket? That shower is not even half of the decadence. Those 14 first-classers each have a private suite with remote-controlled doors, a mini bar, work desk, and a lay-flat bed with built-in massager. Now that’s a fine way to join the 5-mile-high club in style.

This stuff makes flying U.S. airlines look like riding in a cattle car.

Via Born Rich