Hellboy's 'Big Baby' shotgun: Don't wake this baby up

With a big movie like Hellboy II: The Golden Army hitting theaters today, you're bound to get hit by toys and games and other related merchandise promoting the film — most of it a bunch of crap. Sideshow Collectibles knows how to herald a premiere in style — just take a look at this faithfully recreated "Big Baby" shotgun used by Big Red in the film, complete with removable toy shells. It also plays music when you wind it up, bleating out a soothing Lullaby and Goodnight before you have to go face those scary demons.

If the "Big Baby" is already intimidating you, get ready for another scare: it's $700. The monster shotgun/pistol is over two feet long and its shipping weight — including its display base — is 42 pounds.

Big Bad Toy Store, via Nerd Approved