HD Vision glasses use TV terms to take money from you

You might have perfect 20/20 vision but do you see the world in high definition? You don't, apparently, unless you have these HD Vision glasses, which promise to deliver "clarity you have never experienced." Just look, Shooter McGavin is shilling them! It'll be like turning the world around you into an HDTV! You know, kind of blurry during fast motion, sometimes with digital artifacts, and only in HD about a third of the time, with the rest of your experience being fuzzy with some black bars on the sides. Sign me up!

The sad thing about these ridiculous things is that people are going to buy them actually expecting them to make them see life "clearer," when it's pretty obvious that there's no way to improve on the clarity of your vision without getting yourself some prescription eyewear. But hey, it's your money, chump-o.

Oh Gizmo!, via Boing Boing Gadgets