First iPhone 3G 'cuteness utilities' emerge from, where else, Japan

Americans generally like their gadgets made of slick black plastic and shiny chrome-like surfaces (yes, we all want to be Batman), but to make it in Japan your device has to offer a bit of "kawaii" (cuteness) to appeal to the masses. Sensing that the new white version of the iPhone 3G might not be enough for fashion conscious Japanese schoolgirls, Cut&Paste has released a series of new iPhones cases called the Bone Phone Cube 3G and the Bone Phone Bubble 3G (vaguely reminiscent of the old PowerMac G4 shape).

Both offer casing and screen protection against the elements while allowing you to show off your annoyingly infantile and colorful personality. Assuming you braved the early lines and aren't a victim of the iPhone drought, you can snag your case for just 1,990 yen ($18.70) here.

Via Rakuten