Fan cooled keyboard lets you avoid sweaty palms while typing

Those wacky folks at Thanko have long been the kings of questionable USB powered devices, but this fan cooled keyboard looks like it might be a handy summertime tool for people who spend hours hunched over a hot computer. I won't even ask what types of websites are making your palms sweaty, but I'm guessing that the Cooler Keyboard might become especially popular with teenage boys.

The Cooler Keyboard incorporates three small fans under the wrist rest, that draw in air from below then blow it up through openings right under where your hands normally sit. Power is provided through a second USB cable, while a small switch on the front edge lets you turn off the fan on cooler days, (or when you're not surfing for...well...whatever).

The Cooler Keyboard will be available soon for about $62.

Far East Gizmos, via remove the labels