Crystal-encased Atmos 561 clock miraculously runs forever on thin air

Atmos clocks have been running on thin air since 1928, but never have they looked like this. Now its storied maker, Jaeger-LeCoultre, has teamed up with famed Aussie designer Marc Newson to make this newest clock in the collection, the Atmos 561. It's ensconced in a fine Baccarat crystal bubble to commemorate the clock's 80th anniversary since engineer Jean-Leon Reutter patented the technology. There's no word on pricing, but to give you an idea, most Atmos clocks available today cost at least $5000.

The Atmos is powered by temperature fluctuations, a seemingly miraculous technique using a mixture of gas and liquid ethyl chloride that expands and contracts when the temperature goes up or down, running the clock for two days on each degree Celsius of change. Take a look at the gallery below and you'll see side views of this exquisite timepiece, and a few of the more-conventional Atmos clocks from the past that could be marking time forevermore.

Watchismo Times, via Technabob