Cloned Eyeball Lamps, where self-centered decor turns creepy

We’ve heard of eyeball lights before, those swiveling recessed lights that shine onto fireplaces all over suburban America, but now the term “eyeball lighting” is taken a whole lot more literally. Give glassblower Livio Serena from 5.5 Designers a picture of your eyes and select their exact color on a special chart, and he’ll make a couple of creepy-looking Cloned Eyeball Lamps for you.

Might make a hilarious gift, and you could deliver it along with a special song, such as “I Only Have Eyes for You,” or maybe that tired old standby, “Brown-Eyed Girl.” No word on pricing, or whether the glassblower can turn other, more interesting body parts into lamps. Strangely enough, the company is getting pretty good at artistically cloning body parts, but it’s not yet clear why.

5.5 Designers, via Oh Gizmo