Charming solar-powered bug-bots flap and wiggle into our hearts

Meet Gonzo, the solar-powered wing-flapping robot. Put it anywhere where there's sun and its solar cell will charge a battery, and its wings will start flapping furiously. There's also Lilly the robot that, like Gonzo, will flap its wings in the presence of the sun. Last there's Ernie, the craziest of the bunch. Only an inch long, Ernie will start wiggling around when it's charged and seek out more solar-powered goodness as it wobbles toward the light.

If you want one of these 'bots from Etsy user TinyMinds, you best pick one up now - there was a cool Cthulhu critter earlier, but it's already gone. They range from $60 to $80.

Check out more of Gonzo, Lilly and Ernie in the gallery below.

Etsy, via BotJunkie