Carrier Edge programmable thermostat: Not just a pretty faceplate

We would have gotten a programmable thermostat long ago if they were all this flashy. Take your pick of seven interchangeable faceplates, and this wafer-thin Carrier Edge Designer Thermostat covers up the space where that ugly old one sat for so long, wasting energy with its inflexibility. When it’s not executing its extensive programming duties, the Edge’s backlit screen shows you inside and outside temperature, and the time of day, too. It's the perfect complement to that high-tech cooling system we're craving.

While it looks like a digital picture frame, the Energy Star-compliant Edge is actually useful. You can program customized settings for all seven days of the week, with four settings per day. It lets you choose personalized humidity settings, and for digi-hipsters like you there’s an optional ExP memory card and expansion port so you can fiddle with it on your PC. Even easier to use is the Touch-n-Go model (about $120), adding three buttons at the bottom that let you quickly adjust the temp when you’re on the run. Neat.

Via Carrier Edge