Buddy system: cyborg-chic lamp dresses link up for a brighter show

Called "Sharewear" by creator Di Mainstone, this pair of dresses light the area around them in different ways depending on how they're linked up. Both costumes feature a floating, halo-on-a-stick-style lamp above the wearer's head, as well as a second light under the dress, beside the wearer's legs. The shadows the dresses cast are different when the various connectors are used: they can be slotted together at the hip or hooked up with a rod.

Sharewear is designed as a performance set. The dresses come in small boxes and are assembled on-stage before the audience and manipulated in real-time. Di Mainstone created the dresses with the V2_Lab team during her residency at the V2_ Institute in Rotterdam. Check out the galley below for more of her Sharewear.

Sharewear, via Elit Alice