Beating Heart Stress Relief Pillow is cute and cuddly and isn't morbid at all

Nothing calms the anxious mind like curling up with someone, or at least something that simulates a fellow human, and the Beating Heart Stress Relief Pillow will do just that. It's a heart-shaped pillow that not only generates a unique, rhythmic beating every time you turn it on, but the pattern changes over time to better simulate a live heart. It's like you've got a loved one's chest to curl up on — or more like you've removed said loved one's heart, have found a way to keep it suspended between beating life and the sweet, relieving stillness it craves so badly, and you're snuggling with it. Either way, mission accomplished: stress relieved!

The Beating Heart Stress Relief Pillow comes in various sizes and colors and ranges from $35 to $50.

Via black market organ sellers Ahem, ThinkGeek