Audio slave: Gadget nut turns Pikachu into a 'musical' instrument

A Japanese "circuit bender" who goes by Kaseo loves to turn everyday and out-of-date electronics into noise-producing instruments. He's rewired Casio and Yamaha keyboards, retooled Fisher Price playsets and video game consoles, and even turned Japan's iconic rabbit-beast — and its trademark "Pikachu!" cry — into a digital synthesizer. By manipulating a variety of spike-like buttons jutting out of his makeshift instrument, Kaseo is able to produce a variety of sounds, including distorting the toy's original sound bites. He's even strung a dozen of them together into something of a mini-orchestra — though not one you'd hear playing on a classical radio station.

Kaseo has video demonstrations of his work on his YouTube channel. Also, check out the gallery below for more of Kaseo's Pikachus.

Kaseo, via Pink Tentacle