An entire NES console gets stuffed into a light gun

Looky here: it's an old NES that's had its guts ripped out and crammed inside a light gun. I'm not quite sure why, but hey, they did it! Now, if you're so inclined, play Excitebike right off this gun.

The problem? This just looks so uncomfortable to use. I'm all for creative mods, and I salute the person who took the time to do this, but beyond proving that it's possible to cram a NES into a light gun, I'm not sure what the benefit is. It doesn't add any functionality and it's not more usable, so really it's made the NES less useful instead of more so. I mean, you still need to plug it into a TV and everything, so it's not portable. Oh well, to each his own I guess.

Ben Heck Forums, via Technabob