Amazing OLED lighting future revealed

We can’t seem to get enough of OLED lighting, those glowing paper-thin sheets that our cross-company pals at GE (disclosure: DVICE is part of NBC Universal, which is part of GE) are working on. Now they’ve given us a sneak peek at some of the real-world uses of the OLED lighting they told us about a few months ago. Ambient lighting using OLEDs is a huge growth area, and the lights are getting to be as easy to manufacture as printing a newspaper.

Take a look at the gallery below and you’ll see some of the applications of the upcoming OLED lighting designs. With its flat form factor, lots of crazy configurations become possible, such as a wild-looking desk lamp, walls that glow, luminous ceilings in aircraft, futuristic chandeliers, and our fave, those lit-up windowshades you see pictured above. Now all they need to do is bring the cost of these things down to earth, and we’ll be changing all our lighting around here post haste.

Via From Edison's Desk