Aching wrist? Alien Mouse is full of extraterrestrial ideas

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome (also known as repetitive stress injury, or RSI), are you going to trust Microsoft to ease your pain? Heck no. It’s time to call for some otherworldly assistance with the Alien Mouse. Everybody’s going to wonder what flying saucer abducted you when they see this thingamajig on your desktop, consisting of eight connected elements made of soft gel and cellulose, and each arranged just-so to make that wrist stop hurting.

Designer Mizanur Rahman considered every angle in his mouse design, supporting the arm as well as the wrist, and giving the user lots of adjustability for a custom fit. He’s even put a vibrator underneath the mouse’s main element, certain to give your wrist muscles the heebie-jeebies if it doesn’t relax them first. He finishes off the design with a special finger joystick up top and ambient mood lighting glowing underneath. Sounds more like a bachelorette party than a pointing device.

Mizanur Rahman, via The Design Blog