2in1 Sneakers by Nat-2: morphing kicks for the footwear fickle

Nat-2 is a fashion label from Germany, and the group is doing some funky things with footwear. The 2in1 Sneaker can be worn as a sandal or a sneaker, depending on how you zip it up. By adding more zippered sections along the shoe, a variety of colors can even be mixed and matched.

Nat-2 products sell at various locations in Europe, though you probably won't see the 2in1 Sneakers hitting American shores. With some scissors, zippers and a handful of shoes you're willing to sacrifice, you may be to arts-and-craft your way into the European fashion scene, though.

Check out the gallery below for more images of Nat-2 posing with their zippy kicks.

Nat-2, via Designspotter