Westinghouse HDTV/DVD combo is convenient, bumpy

A standout among Westinghouse's latest line of LCD TVs is this 1080p-resolution 40-incher, the VK-40F580D. Why? See that little slit under the screen? That's for DVDs — the TV has a slot-loading disc player right up front, something you don't often see in a set of this size. Upconverting DVD video to the screen's resolution, the player is a convenient addition that doesn't add much to the price of the TV; it retails for $1,099.

If there's any downside, it's that the built-in player adds an inch or two to the set's depth — you can see the bump in profile shots in the gallery below. That probably only matters to wall-mounters (though you could still mount this guy if you really wanted to), but everyone else will welcome the opportunity to free up some space in their gear stack.

Via Westinghouse