Week in Review: high-tech rides aplenty, Bluetooth's woes & more

Want to get to Australia in a couple of hours? DARPA is working on it, and someday its experimental Vulcan engine might be in commercial aircraft, but in the meantime we can watch this video and dream. And what's with all the vehicle news this week? From cute two-seater gyroplanes to cool single-wheel concepts, cool rides were parking in the blogosphere left and right. Futuristic bikes, electric smart cars, razor-thin race cars — you name it, we saw it. Our favorite might have been the Antro Solo, though, for its mixing of past and future tech.

And don’t forget about the stuff that makes the ride more comfortable, like a trusty Knight Rider GPS or in-car Wi-Fi. But here are the top transportation-free stories from the week:

The Fire Footbag: Most dangerous toy ever?
Yep, worse than lawn darts.

Insane toaster launches your toast high into the air for some reason
Think your toaster can pop? Check out this photo.

SHIFT: The trouble with Bluetooth
Why haven't Bluetooth headphones taken off? The answer here.

NASA's Hyperwall 2 is a 23 foot by 10 foot display that puts your TV to shame
Witness the world's highest resolution visualization system. And drool.

Spray-on skin gun will make healing wounds a much faster affair
A new battlefield technology could be the best bandage of all.

Three-person ping pong table is more inclusive
Table tennis just got extreme.

Are two screens on an e-reader better than one?
Besides more display space, the reader just feels more like a book.