Week in Review: Super Earths, displays giant and tiny, and Generation M vs. the oldsters

Not all of us are kids here at DVICE, so we could relate when Stewart Wolpin talked about the different priorities of the Internet Generation (or Generation M, for Millennials) and their ‘rents. But there’s hope for the oldsters. In fact, Stew himself admits to sending a text message or two from time to time. See how you measure up in this generational pecking order in this week’s SHIFT.

This week we learned about things that seemed impossible not too long ago, such as loading passengers onto a train that never stops moving, a working projector the size of an iPod, and the other extreme, a 10 million-pixel display that cost $22 million to build. Meanwhile, tempers flared in the comments section when we told you about the discovery of Super-Earths around another sun, sparking a near-holy-war over one of our most commented-upon stories ever.

More top stories from the week:

Ampbot follows you around the house while blasting your tunes
Plug in your mp3 player and this wheeled contraption won’t let you miss a note.

The world’s most luxurious office cubicle

A mere cube nicer than the corner office? Believe it.

Sony HDR-CX12 HD Camcorder is also a tricky picture-taking ace
Sure it shoots HD, but it’s the rapid-fire 10-megapixel stills that make this ’corder a star

Blacklight Power creates prototype of physics-busting power generator
Generator prototype uses the so-called Fifth Force, could be miraculous or a total fake.

Clockwork desk lets your employees know who the crazy boss is
Intricate innards of a watch embedded under glass makes for an absurdly elaborate desk.

GeoEye-1 imaging satellite to launch in August, Google Earth gets ready for its close-up
Higher-resolution satellite images from a new satellite launching in a few weeks.