Week in Review: iPhone calls again, hot high-tech rides & more

If you're sick of iPhone news, you might want to skip this paragraph. Mainly because Apple's iPhone 3G, with its blazing fast 3G network connection, was clearly the big headline-stealer this week. Apple big man Steve Jobs announced iPhone the Sequel on Monday afternoon, letting the world know it would drop on July 11. The biggest surprise was the price: $199 for the 8GB version — that's $400 cheaper than what the original iPhone debuted at. When it arrives, it'll have a whole slew of new apps to play with, too. Will the iPhone 3G conquer the world? The answer here. Should you get one? Some guidance here. Tired of all this? iPhone-free news below.

For whatever reason, high-tech vehicles were big news this week, ranging from maglev trains to amphibious planes to impossibly weird bicycles. And anyone have any clue how this remote-control tire works? How does it move without an axle?

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