Week in Review: Bathroom beauty, BitTorrent bits, high-mileage car tech and more

We took flights of fancy this week, and went for a plunge into the toilet, admiring the state of the plumbing art. We explored the crazy tubs, sinks, toilet seats and faucets that are a part of an ongoing plumbing renaissance. Was this all a bunch of design concepts? No, most of the butt-washing seats, outlandish faucets and torrential showers are here today and ready to install in a McMansion near you.

In tech news, we got a hands-on look at the Dash GPS navigator, which editor Pete Pachal applauds in theory — noting that it’s only as good as the number of other Dashes it’s connected to — and the Dash people weren’t talking numbers. Our ongoing series, Video Rebel, wrapped up with a tour through the nether world of BitTorrent, leaving us wishing all that high-res content could be downloaded legally. And columnist S.E. Kramer wondered what the heck is going wrong in the dangerous field of personal flight, decrying the recent string of failures, and wondering if they’ll ever get it right.

More top headlines from the week:

Honlai MP100 may point to bright future for puny projectors
How many projectors can you fit on the head of a pin?

GM approves Volt production, to hit showrooms in 2010
The carmaker's CEO gives the electro-car the go-ahead.

Wrex the Dawg is probably not an adequate replacement for a real dog
Sure beats cleaning up after the real-live critters.

Sony's latest LCD TVs — darker than plasma?
Will Sony’s Triluminos tech teach the plasma gods a lesson?

Review: When gas hits $5 per gallon, you'll want a Toyota Yaris
Sure, it might pass for a mondo-size vitamin in a blister pack, but when a gallon of gas hits $5, this ride will start looking pretty good.

NASA expands the International Space Station with science lab — will soon add a porch
The space station gets bigger and bigger, while at the same time, the shuttle gives us a 10-day video peek.