Vibro Shape slimming belt: Weight-loss tech for chumps

Let’s put this Vibro Shape around our waists, and we’ll all get slimmer! It’s easy! Plug it in and it starts its intense vibrations, which are supposed to shake that flab right off you and help you lose weight. At the same time, there’s a heating element on board that can “warm muscles and aid blood flow.” Get a load of this:

It works by dynamically stimulating the fat cells so they are transformed into the fatty acid glycerol which is then passed out as perspiration (sweat).

Woo, acid glycerol! Sounds scientific. The most surprising aspect of this $27 ripoff is that the ’40s-era mythology of fat-shaking weight reduction returns to fool a new generation of suckers. And honestly, are we supposed to believe that the heat generated by this cheap electro-belt can actually melt fat away? Incredible.

Via Chinavasion