Using GPS to keep track of your hunting dog

If you're into hunting (and I assume any reader of a gadget blog is), you probably have a trusty hound by your side while you're out hunting pheasants or whatever unfortunate animal is the target of your shooting that day. But what do you do when he runs out of sight? You need to know where he is, if he's found your prey, is pointing, or whatever else you need your dog for.

Well, the new Garmin DC 30 GPS dog collar will let you totally keep tabs on your hunting dog. Not only do you get to know exactly where he is at all times, but it'll let you know if he's running, pointing, treeing, or in dense cover. You have a whopping 7 miles of range, and you can also keep tabs on what direction he's facing. It's a pretty robust system, one I'm sure could deliver equally good results strapped to the back of your toddler. Just saying.

PR Newswire, via Engadget