UltiMotion Swing Zone Sports brings Wiimote motion magic to cheapies

Is the Nintendo Wii too expensive for you? Well, you might be a cheapskate, but you can get a taste of motion-controlled gaming with this standalone Wii Sports knockoff called UltiMotion Swing Zone Sports, made by Jakks. Priced at just $80, the set includes an very tiny "console" (that's the white thing in back), a motion controller and five plastic snap-on accessories for the remote that correspond to the five games built into the console — basic versions of tennis, bowling, football, baseball and golf.

Standard A/V jacks let you hook up the Swing Zone to any TV (we're not exactly talking high-def here), and the controller has an accelerometer, just like a Wiimote, letting it detect a full range of motion. I got a chance to try it out and found myself really getting into Swing bowling (I didn't have time to try out the others). You can see a picture of my killer split after the jump. Swing Zone Sports should be available this fall.

Via Jakks

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