Two-seat Magni Gyro M-22 gyroplane takes to the air

This Magni Gyro M-22 Voyager looks like a helicopter, but it’s not. This gyroplane has a rotor up top, but there’s very little power going to that spinning blade. When this baby takes off, it’s pushed along by its single propeller behind the pilot, and as the takeoff roll gets faster, the rotor starts spinning on its own. It acts like a wing, giving the aircraft such stability that it’s impossible to stall it. It can’t hover, but if you lose an engine, it gently floats back to earth.

Not just a gyroplane concept, the $98,000 M-22 is the latest craft from Magni, offering seating for two and plenty of room for their luggage. While it’s easy to fly, the company won’t sell you one unless you agree to its training program, a necessity with a craft that’ll be taking you 13,000 feet into the wild blue at a speed of 115 mph. Even though it’s not perfectly safe, it still looks a whole lot safer than some of the crazy personal helicopters we’ve shown you. Click Continue for video of the Magni Gyro M-22 in action.

Via Magni Gyro USA and Magni Gyro Italy