Honlai MP100 may point to bright future for puny projectors

Open up your palm. That’ll give you an idea of the minuscule size of this Honlai Technology MP100 mini LED projector. The company says this mighty mite can toss a 37-inch 640x480 image onto a nearby wall or screen, but it won’t be super bright or appealing to watch if the quoted 10-15 lumen spec with a contrast ratio of 200:1 is accurate. But really, what do you expect from a 5-watt LED?

We’re not sure where you would use such a projector, but it might be handy to slip one into your overnight bag for a quick presentation or movie. Even though this trinket might be of limited usefulness, we’re intrigued with the idea of pico projectors, which someday might be nestled inside cell phones. In the meantime, if these babies could just get brighter, sharper and more contrasty, the idea might catch on.

Digitimes, via UberGizmo