This is what 10 million pixels look like

Whatever your feelings are about Comcast, you'll be helpless but to fall in love with the media giant's 10 million pixel display at the new Comcast Center in Philadelphia. The media wall covers an area of over 2100 square feet and uses four-millimeter LED lights, packed together as one giant, seamless array. It plays all manner of video, and even cool segments where three-dimensional-looking dancers seem to hover in thin air at five times the resolution of HD television.

The wall gets its feed from an automated control center packed with digitizers, routers, video processors and 27,000 gigabytes of information. Comcast paid the visualization experts at Barco $22 million for the wall and control room.

Check out the gallery below for more images of Comcast's 10 million pixel display, or click Continue for a few videos of the amazing wall in motion.

And a meaty, 10-minute video presentation:

DeputyDog, via Gizmowatch
Additional pictures and video from Chris_In_Philly_'08's Flickr