The Singulum laptop, because diamonds are forever, even if laptops aren't

So let's say that the $1,000,000 Luvaglio laptop you bought last year is starting to show its age with its clunky old single core processor. It's upgrade time! But how do you upgrade from a million dollar laptop? Well, this swanky new model from Singulum might just do the trick.

Like most ultra luxury tech goods, the blurb talks mostly about the bling and not much about the tech, but it looks like it's basically a ThinkPad under the hood using a 2GHz Intel dual core processor. On the bling side, it has a gorgeous looking case made from your choice of exotic woods, an ivory or gold keyboard, and plenty of gold trim. Hey, you can even get a diamong track point tip, ouch! I would probably skip the ivory option however, as many countries including the US have a strict ban on ivory imports.

The price is one of those 'if you have to ask' deals.

Singulum, via Born Rich