The Scorpion supercar: a hydrogen hybrid could finally go to production

The Scorpion from Ronn Motors out of Austin, Texas has our vote: it's already got the look down, and its performance promises aren't too skimpy, either.

The Scorpion could be available as soon as this fall if the motor company is able to drum up enough support to see it to the production line. It would be the first commercial vehicle with a system built-in that produces hydrogen on demand. As an alternative fuel, hydrogen would be blended with the gasoline to improve gas mileage (about 30%-40% of the car's fuel usage coming from the hydrogen). Without the hydrogen injection system, the Scorpion reaches 27 mpg; with it, it tops out at 40 mpg. For an eco-car capable of 200 mph that goes 0-60 in 3.5 seconds, that's not half bad.

Click Continue to check out a shot of the Scorpion's backside.


BusinessWire, via Hydrogen Cars and Vehicles, via Gas 2.0