The world's most luxurious office cubicle

We’ve seen some creatively decorated and unusual cubicles before, and elaborate accessories to go with them, but this one beats all. Check out the fancy woodwork in Jared Nielsen’s cube, decked out with a dark cherry hardwood floor, and luxurious red mahogany paneling on all four walls. Notice the fluted end caps, smooth transition from hardwood floor to carpeted office, and the precise woodwork all around.

He tops it off with a carved desk and an oriental rug, plunking down in his soft-comfy leather-clad throne from which he can command his web marketing empire. Sure beats coffee-stained gray carpeting and the woolly cubicle walls that are so familiar to millions of worker bees the world over.

No wonder Jared has that grin on his face. Careful, there, guy, or the boss might give you a promotion to the corner office, and then that skilled handiwork on your uber-cube would be all for naught.

Via Nielsendata