The Noah personal riding wheel is bringing the unicycle back in style

At first glance, Andrei França Noah high performance vehicle may fool you into thinking it's a unicycle, but look close: it's got two tires, mounted in tandem. The Noah is designed to use the human driver as the control device, using how you lean forward, back or side to side to determine acceleration, braking and turning (think: Segway), without the need for pedals or buttons. The two tires act as stabilizers through turns as they can shift up and down against one another and give you more control. If they spun independently, you could even twirl in place.

Andrei França is a designer from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, and the Noah won second place in the Plascar Automotive Design Contest 2007.

Check out the gallery below for more of the Noah.

Coroflot, via The Design Blog