The 360: Skateboarding on steroids

Simply called the 360, this new extreme-sport item from designer Francesco Sommacal is kind of a three-way hybrid between skateboarding, in-line skating and snowboarding. A rider inserts his (or her) feet into the wheel openings, balancing as if on a skateboard. But the 360's large wheels and the rider's enclosed feet allow tricks that a skateboarder would never be able to perform — flipping the wheels end over end multiple times, for example (could be how the thing got its name), not to mention being able to traverse gravel and grass. Check out the videos on Sommacal's site for some video of what you might be able to do if you had the 360 for a couple of hours, weeks or months.

We're pretty impressed. The 360 isn't like anything we've seen before, and its innovative design was enough the win Volvo's 2007 award for SportDesign. What do you think, guys? Which would you rather have: the 360, the RipStik, a pair of jumping stilts, or the ScarPar?

Via Zerofra