Super-sharp Mitsubishi LaserVue TVs on track for Fall rollout

When Mitsubishi unveiled its snazzy laser rear-projection LaserVue HDTV in an elaborate and overwrought press event at CES back in January, to my eyes, its vivid colors and tack-sharpness were second to none. The big questions were when can we get one, and for how much? The company is still playing games with us on those two points, though, teasing us with the same guff of Fall availability, but eeking out the fact that the first two 10-inch (too)-thick models will be plenty huge 73-inch and 65-inch 1080p HDTVs.

Mitsubishi also isn’t talking specifics on price, either. All the company will reveal is that the rear-projection TVs (RPTV) will be priced like comparably-sized plasma and LCD displays (think $5000 and up), and not cheap like those rear-screen DLP sets that stubbornly remain on the market (more like $2000 and down). Also, the way frickin’ lasers are used inside these magic boxes remains a mystery, too. C’mon Mits, don’t be coy — we gotta know!

Via Engadget