Superior Watch exudes futuristic style, snobbery

Kyle Cherry's "Superior" timepiece adds a touch of Wonder Woman style to the wristwatch. Made from solid tungsten carbide, the band is extremely durable, but it makes one wonder how you get the sucker on your wrist. Cherry actually has an innovative solution for that: a magnetic strip that connects the two halves of the watch together. The novel clasp concept is actually way cooler than the dots on the top that purport to tell the time… really just a ripoff of those Tokyoflash watches we see all the time.

Of course, the Superior is just a concept, and an ambitious one at that (each dot/LED is supposedly integrated with a flush-cut diamond — good luck with that one, Kyle). Even if it doesn't become the chic style statement of the future, we'd like it if some manufacturer were to adopt the magnetic-clasp concept. Hit the Continue jump for some more views.

Via Kyle Cherry at Coroflot