Submit before the Steampunk Dalek — or be exsteaminated!

What if those popular monsters from Doctor Who, the Daleks, had been created in the 19th century? In that case, they might have looked something like this model from Alex Holden. The U.K. native did a hell of a mod job on a bottle of Dalek bubble bath to create this Steampunk Dalek, adding all sorts of accessories — from a mini-drill wire brush to a tiny brass pressure gauge — to give it that Victorian-era feel.

Obviously you can't buy this one-of-a-kind creation, but ambitious model builders can contact Holden for the plans (and the description on his site is already pretty comprehensive, too). The rest of us will just have to settle for ogling, with a few possibly inspired enough to write some fan fiction about a Dalek that crashes in 1857 whose casing is repaired by an engineer of the era…

Alex Holden, via We ♥ It