Sony HT-IS100 Bravia Theatre Micro speakers are absurdly small

At the same time Sony was showing off its big new LCD displays, it sneaked out these tiny speakers for its home theater lineup. It’s hard to believe, but the satellite speakers in this $700 5:1 HT-IS100 Bravia Theatre Micro System are scarcely as big as a strawberry.

All the bulky power paraphernalia resides in the relatively huge subwoofer, which you can hide out of sight, leaving these four tiny surround speakers and their center channel brother to take up about as much space as a fly on the wall. If that’s still too obtrusive for you, make those rear surround speaks even less noticeable with an optional wireless kit.

So yeah, these babies look great, but the key question is, how on earth will speakers this small sound anywhere near big? We’ve heard Sony’s previous models of this ilk, which are almost as tiny, and we’re here to tell you: They sound surprisingly good. These new ones, with their souped-up, minuscule micro drivers inside, promise to pack a powerful punch. Available in July.

Via Sony