Soda-can lamp makes me crave cola

Know someone who really likes the soda? Here's the perfect gift for fans of carbonated beverages: an ersatz soda can that lights up, called the Tin Lamp. Hold on… I mean the Lamp Tin. Putting "tin" in the name is a misnomer in any case, though, considering it's made of porcelain. Not that that's a bad thing — it's not like light would get through actual tin, and real cans haven't been made of tin in ages.

At 7.9 inches tall, the Lamp Tin is a little larger than your average Coke can, so it's probably not going to fool anyone. That could be a good thing, since you wouldn't want this $65 lamp to get thrown away with the recyclables. Hit the Continue jump for a picture of how it looks when switched on.

Via Atylia Design