Single-use packaging done right: Caulk Singles use clever design to make product easier to use

Before you think we’ve gone crazy showing you caulk, check this out. Momentive Performance Materials created a single-use package for our parent company GE's caulk that it says will “reinvent the caulking experience for the consumer.” Hidden underneath that graphical packaging is a geometric bellows and a couple of other proprietary mechanisms that make it easy to apply the goop with one hand and just throw it away when you’re done.

Applying a fresh bead of caulk can make a bathtub look like new, but who wants to deal with a messy caulking gun and a huge container of the slimy stuff? They should make Crazy Glue packages this way. In a world where some products are absurdly over-packaged (think individually-wrapped slices of American “cheese product”), here’s an area where more packaging is welcome. Get a free sample here.

Via TheDieline