Setgo Transport lets you wear your geekiness like a badge of honor

Like most connected people, I usually leave the house with far too many devices jammed into various pockets. Between the iPod, cell phone, crackberry, wallet, and keys, those pockets can start to get pretty jammed. While a special device friendly backpack might be fine for a geeky collegiate, backpacks just don't cut it for fashion conscious yet nerdy metrosexuals.

For them there's the Setgo Transport from designer Nathan Leon, a kind of wearable man-purse for the 21st century. With plenty of stashing areas for all of your electronic goodies, the Transport keeps all your devices close at hand so you can whip them out like a gunslinger as the need arises. There's even a big pocket in the back where you can stick your wallet or checkbook. My main concern, however, is that if you wear this on the NYC Subway it basically screams "mug me."

The Setgo Transport is available now for $80.

Setgo, via GadgetRatty