Sega Dream Dog DX: The first robot dog you can truly love

Many attempts have been made to create the perfect robot dog, but we can now safely say that a new bot called the Dream Dog DX Golden Retriever reigns supreme over them all. More cuddly than a tribble and ten times more believable than the AIBO, the DX made its debut at the recent Tokyo Toy Show and blew visitors away with its realistic antics.

Responding to voice commands, the DX will sit, roll over, bark and even nip at your fingers when you play with its nose. The "toy" is actually rather cute and comes closer to a realistic dog than any robot I've seen. The plaintive dog sounds it emits are enough to tug at your geek heartstrings. Imagine what life would be like if this thing had an embedded, live-updated Wikipedia database and speech functions enabled--scary. Available in September, the Dream Dog DX Golden Retriever will be sell for just 29,800 ($276) here.

Via Sega Toys