RoboVault: a high-security, automated storage facility

The RoboVault's long list of security measures makes us imagine Tom Cruise dangling over criss-crossing security lasers. Not only is the structure in South Florida made solidly out of concrete and reinforced with rebar and impact glass — all allowing it to thwart Category 5 hurricanes with winds up to 200 mph — but the 'Vault takes advantage of technologies such as retinal scanning, biometric scanners, heartbeat sensors and 24/7 video surveillance and monitoring. It sounds like an army wouldn't be able to break in, let alone blow it up.

The RoboVault isn't your average high-security storage bunker, however. It's fully automated. It's designed to store everything from valuables and cars to wine bottles and fine art in a comfortable, climate-controlled environment. Instead of having to go find your storage locker, it'd come right to you, and there will be a variety of flexible storage spaces available when the RoboVault opens its very secure doors.

Created by developer Marvin Chaney, construction on the RoboVault began in May and is expected to finish up around April of next year. Check out the gallery below for more renders of the facility, or click through for a video tour and press release.

RoboVault, via DesignSpotter

The future of self-storage has arrived in South Florida with the construction of RoboVault, the first high-tech robotic storage facility of its kind in the world.

A fully automated robotic container retrieval system safely stores valuables ranging in size from exotic automobiles to precious artwork and other priceless items. Adjacent rooms offer climate-controlled wine storage and private safe deposit boxes catering to individual requirements.

RoboVault developer Marvin Chaney has developed self-storage facilities for over 25 years. With the help of Westfalia Systems, Inc., the German company which produced RoboVault’s advanced robotics technology, Chaney has embarked on creating the most revolutionary storage facility of our time.

RoboVault recently broke ground on May 22, and the facility is anticipated to be finished in April 2009.

* Building Specifics:
o The exterior is designed to withstand Category 5 hurricanes with winds up to 200 mph.
o Human Machine Interface (HMI) for security and rapid diagnostics
o Solid concrete roof, solid concrete, steel reinforced tilt-up
wall panel exterior, double pane hurricane impact glass
o Emergency back-up generator for 100% back-up of electrical base building safety and HVAC for “business as usual” environment up to ten days after loss of local service.
o Storage containers are made of structural steel mesh that allows for proper air circulation and fire safety codes. There are 456 in total ranging from:
+ 5x5 , 5x10, 10x10, 15x10 and non-subdivided modules of 20x10
+ positions for larger items, including exotic cars

* Its unprecedented combination of technology includes:
o retinal scanning
o heart beat detection
o biometric recognition
o 24/7 security monitoring

* Safe Deposit Boxes include:
o Private entrance which allows the client to drive into the building and access the safe deposit box through another private monitored interior entrance.
o 24/7 access (off hours by appointment).

* Wine Storage includes:
o Strict climate controlled environment meeting wine industry standards of temperature and humidity that allows the collector to incrementally expand their personal cellar capacity.
o Storage temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit
o Maintains proper humidity levels at 65-70
o Eliminates natural light
o Minimizes vibration to eliminate settling disruptions.