Roadscan Drive Recorder keeps track of your driving hoonage, may pay for itself

Airliners have a black box that leaves a record of what caused an accident, and now there’s Roadscan Drive Recorder, a black box for your car. It continuously records video of whatever happens in front of your vehicle, and if there’s a mishap, it saves the 14 seconds of digital video before and 6 seconds after the accident. So if you can't have a vehicle that reduces injuries in an accident, at least you can have a good video of the moment when havoc struck.

Mounted on your windshield or rearview mirror, not only does it give you a visual record of what actually happened, like a plane’s black box, it records acceleration and deceleration data along with the exact date and time. It then allows you to easily download the video and info to your PC, ready to send off to the insurance company or take to the courtroom, concrete evidence that vouches for your certain innocence.

Oh, you’re not innocent? Then make up something quick and don’t mention your Roadscan Drive Recorder. Better yet, be civilized by posting the video of your spectacular accident on one of those pay-for-play video sites, and earn enough money to pay back your attorneys and victims. Either way, this $299 device might just pay for itself.

Via Autocamcorder