Rhapsody opens MP3 store — download tunes, copy all you want

If you needed any further confirmation that DRM copy protection on digital music is on its way out, Rhapsody just provided it. The download service just opened the doors on its MP3 store, selling copy-protection-free songs — encoded at a close-to-CD-quality 256 kbps bit rate — that you can copy over and over to iPods, PCs, CDs or any other nutty music-playing contraption or media you can think of. The first 100,000 people who sign up before July 4th will get a free album, and you can even download to your phone if you have Verizon service.

Great to see Rhapsody follow Amazon in dissing DRM. We certainly welcome a future where we can finally do what we want with the music we buy. Why does anyone still buy from iTunes again?

Rhapsody MP3, via Gizmodo