Remote controlled tire forgot the rest of the car

Remember that Ping Pong robot we showed you this morning? Well, we checked out another of the company's products, and we're scratching our collective heads over the TOSY R-Tyre, "the first radio controlled tire in the world." It says it handles in the same way as the company's R-Ball, which can move forward and backward, left and right. How? It's a tire!

How does it even get rolling on its own — is it segmented so that a piece of it spins, or does it need you to kick it? And turning, how does that happen? In a controlled manner, we mean. Sure, a tire will wobble around if you roll it down a hill, but real steering? To repeat myself, it's a tire! A single, solitary tire.

TOSY is a Vietnamese robotics and toy manufacturer, and there's no word on pricing or shipping for the R-Tyre.