Radically thin Lumeneo Smera ropes in enviro-minded couples

At only eight feet long and less than three feet wide, the Lumeneo Smera two-seater is incredibly compact. But its real draw are its two electric engines, one for each axle, that manage to propel the vehicle at 80 mph for over 90 miles on a single charge. Its engines use the same lithium ion technology that cameras and phones use, and can be charged in a few hours.

Seeing as how gas is only going to get more expensive and our cities more crowded, a gas-less, tiny vehicle may do just the trick. We'll all have to wait a bit, though — the Smera will debut at the Paris Motor Show in October at a price range of $31,000 to $46,000.

Check out the galley below for two more shots of the Lumeneo Smera.

Lumeneo, via Inhabitat