Proposed 300mph maglev train from Disneyland to Vegas receives government funding

Could a 300mph train from Disneyland to Las Vegas be on the way? A transportation bill just signed into law chips in $45 million to study the idea, which has a maglev (magnetic levitation) train similar to the Shanghai SMT in the picture above making the 260-mile run from fantasyland to sleazetown in just under two hours. If you’ve ever driven this 4-hour+ route across the desert, you know how long and monotonous that trek can seem, so this double-quick passage would be warmly welcomed.

Let’s not bet on this just yet, though. That $45 million grant is a drop in the bucket compared to the enormous cost of these high-speed maglev trains. In fact, that amount of funding would be enough for about 1.5 miles of track. Nevertheless, the $45 million is a good start for environmental studies, and it’s great news that trains such as this and the 220mph California Bullet Train are even being discussed in the train-dumb United States.

Via Daily Tech