PoGo Instant Mobile Printer turns any cellphone into a Polaroid camera

Polaroid used to by synonymous with analog camera prints that developed in about a minute. Those prints cost about $1.20 each, but it was such fun that nobody cared about the cost. Then, digital cameras arrived on the scene with their ultra-convenient LCDs, and technology passed Polaroid by.

This July, Polaroid may be getting its mojo back with the PoGo, an inkless digital photo printer slightly bigger than a deck of cards that prints 2 x 3-inch snapshots. It uses Zink (no ink) technology, which uses heats dye crystals in paper to create prints. The prints don’t smudge, are water-resistant and are almost tearproof.

The PoGo prints pictures from cellphones via Bluetooth in about a minute, with the paper costing about 33 cents a sheet. For digital cameras, it connects easily through USB PictBridge. The colors and clarity of the prints looked surprising good to me (a sample after the Continue jump below). I used one as a Post-It by peeling off the back of the print (it’s sticky) and sticking it to my girlfriends' door.

With the small prints this is only a run-and-gun solution — great for school or at a party, or anyone who wants the old-skool instant gratification of a Polaroid. Priced at $150, the PoGo will be in stores July 6.

Via Polaroid