Philips touts glasses-free 3D display

Look out, everybody, because 3D TV is on its way whether you want it or not. Philips just announced a 52-inch 3D display showing “2D-plus-depth” pictures without requiring you to wear dizzying, headache-inducing glasses to get the full effect. The 1080p display, which Philips says will ship near the end of this year, has some impressive guff attached to it, such as a 2000:1 contrast ratio and 8ms response time, but Philips isn’t talking pricing just yet. Expect it to see its first use with digital signage and the pro audio-visual market.

We’re admittedly skeptical about this 3D phenomenon that’s percolating up from the depths of Hollywood boardrooms. A recent visit to Tinseltown revealed most of the major studios breathlessly hawking the 3D-ness, just like they did the other two times in motion picture history when home television viewing threatened theater-going: in the 50s when TV debuted, and again in the late 70s with the explosion of home VCR viewing. Could the current resurgence of this 3D gimmick be the real thing, or strike three?

Via SlashGear