Oregon Scientific Weather Light gives you egg-shaped forecasts and exact atomic time

Oregon Scientific is getting edgy with its design of weather forecasting gear and other neat devices, and its $67.99 Weather Light shows you another one of its flights of fancy. This elongated egg-shaped oracle forecasts the weather coming up in the next 24 hours, tipping you off about whether it’ll be cloudy, rainy or sunny with a little help from its wireless module you place outside.

Wave your hand in front of this futuristic orb, and it switches between atomically-adjusted time (with no alarm included, unfortunately), indoor and outdoor temperatures. If all that hand-waving seems unnecessary and a bit flamboyant for you, set its display to automatically toggle between the various data. Or, you could just stick your head out the window and take a guess at the temperature yourself.

Oregon Scientific, via 7 Gadgets