Oregon Scientific AnyWear pedometer works in 3D

Pedometers are getting more sophisticated all the time, and now there’s one from Oregon Scientific that works in 3D. That means as long as you’re carrying it somewhere, the AnyWear pedometer will accurately measure your mileage with no need to have it dangling from your waist. It adds an unusual feature, and that’s the ability to calculate time and distance together, tell you how long you’ll need to walk to reach your goal.

The AnyWear enters a pedometer market that’s already crowded, though. There are other pedometers with clever features, such as this one with a panic button that sounds an alarm if you get into trouble on your walking/running adventures, or this talking model that might be more annoying than helpful. Heck, you can even get a pedometer for your hamster!

This AnyWear pedometer looks pretty good, but its $50 price is rather steep. For us, we’re perfectly happy with our Omron HJ-112, which itself is plenty accurate, also works in 3D, and costs a reasonable $19.82. Any of these electronic pedometers are great for getting in your daily 10,000 steps, a benchmark for getting into good shape without even breathing hard.

Via Oregon Scientific